Magazine covers are the windows into the history of fashion and to where it is headed. They are beautiful, sometimes shocking and help define a generation's style and personality.

I decided to recreate the clutch to capture the people and places that continue to inspire me and rock them into a sexy silhouette of a rolled magazine.

At DTR it's all about the details and we believe we've nailed every one of them to bring our purses to life.

Our decals are made of a color rich, weather resistant vinyl that offers years of use with no signs of fading.

Each hand-applied decal offers a detailed illusion of page edges peeking out of your "magazine"- giving the purse it's distinctive, dimensional look. Every purse is carefully assembled by hand to ensure its quality meets our standards. Its strong injection-molded form can take a fall and its durable strap ensures your belongings are kept safe inside.

They are only available as CLUTCHES and are not made to have a shoulder or wrist strap. Its shape defines what it's supposed to appear as… a rolled magazine. It's the perfect decoy against thieves while providing an edgy accessory to your look.